Friday, 16 May 2014

What is vintage clothing?

Not a day goes by when consumers are walking through big box store or browsing a mall looking for the next piece of clothing to add onto their wardrobe. There are so many types of clothing it takes time to find the perfect style in the exact size for the perfect occasion. It can actually be a very overwhelming experience to the consumer. What can be more frustrating is to find a beautiful piece of what appears to be vintage clothing only to discover the clothing has been mislabeled. According to, vintage describes clothing from 20 to 100 years old in era of reproduction. This type of clothing has many fashion types throughout each decade.  

What types of vintage clothes are on the consumer market today?

To answer the above question there are many choices to view as vintage clothing comes from items worn in previous decades.  How to find vintage clothes are to begin looking in specialty stores that stock nothing but vintage clothing as there will be a better chance of finding the desired vintage clothing item for purchase.  Vintage Fashion Guild provides helpful purchase information when just beginning to shop for vintage clothing.

 Two specific questions to consider consumers need to consider when shopping for vintage clothes are 1) what type vintage clothing style is most draws the most interest and 2) what specific article of clothing is wanted. During the planning stage, it is wise for a shopper to consider an alternative vintage clothing product the first item should not be available.

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