Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Best vintage clothing for cheap

Every fashion collector of vintage clothing dreams of getting a budget deal when finding the next collection piece. The good news is there is vintage clothing stores that sell products at affordable prices so everyone can work within their budget and look fabulously fashioned in vintage style. Here is a list of affordable best vintage clothing and how to contact them:
·         Ruche – vintage clothing and dresses that are quite affordable; the store also has accessories and home décor to browse.
·         Sammy Dress – very affordable vintage dresses that are of designer fashion in many styles and colors.
·         Rose Wholesale – a vintage wholesale clothing store that any consumer can shop from when seeking affordable clothing and fabulous wardrobe.
·         ModCloth – a shop that will get rare vintage fashion styles from time to time yet sells all inventory products at affordable prices.
·         The Attic – a vintage thrift store with affordable secondhand clothing; the clothing choices will be designer and retro pieces.
·         Mr. Throwback – a fashionable shop in East Village New York with the inventory of 80’s and 90’s vintage sports clothing. Inventory is an affordable price as products are quite collectable; there are some rare items that will be higher in value.

·         Loveday 31 – a lovely vintage boutique and consignment clothing place that is affordable for everyone. Very beautiful dresses, blouses, and sweaters fill this store along with the variety of other vintage handbags and accessories. 

Friday, 11 July 2014

Vintage accessories San Diego

How often are we constantly putting together our daily wardrobe then determine there is a need for that final accessory item that either does not look right with the outfit, isn’t the right color, or we cannot find the correct item at all. There are vintage accessories stores in San Diego awaiting your visit to browse the inventory which they sell. Here is a brief listing of that store list:

·         Frock You Vintage – hand-picked various accessories from jewelry, handbags, and much more
·         American Apparel -  men and women’s choice of eyewear, bags, watches, jewelry, headwear, belts, and much more
·         Kleen House – choices of men and women category accessory necklaces, belts, statues and much more
·         Hunt & Gather – a collection of vintage albums, collector jewelry pieces; quite the selection to look at. The store has items for men although they are rare
·         RadoKri – the vintage fashion accessory store with something for everyone. Special focus in the area of events such as weddings and items (veils, hair clips, etc.) for the wedding party and bride
·         Take 2 Ladies Consignment – a lovely vintage store that not only sells designer vintage accessories they also take these type items on consignment from consumers that are looking to sell them
·         Firefly Vintage – wonderful choices of men and women vintage accessory choices; many items to view and they can be seen from both the website as well as the e-Bay store.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Where to buy vintage clothing in bulk

It is the responsibility of a business owner to ensure the stock of product is well kept so consumers can obtain what they want and business gain profitability; everyone wins when using that concept. In the business of vintage clothing sales, one may think there is difficulty to maintain a surplus but in actuality store owners can perform this action easily. Listed below are locations of where to buy vintage clothing in bulk:

·         Glass Onion Vintage – Quality vintage clothing warehouse sold to your store in bulk.

·         Bulk Vintage Wholesale – Vintage fashion clothing sold by the “piece or pound”. Category of items to choose from and affordable prices.

·         Raghouse Vintage Clothing – Wholesale clothing of men’s and women’s vintage products.

·         Dust Factory Vintage – Wholesale company that sells vintage clothing for men and women; provides trial membership account for interested persons ;  selling of men’s and women’s vintage clothing in bulk.

·         Vintage Wholesale – This wholesale website provides a variety of choice from men and women’s clothing, shoes, boots, jackets, t-shirts, jewelry, and accessories. The items sold in this store range from 1950’s era up to the 1980’s.

·         LA Vintage – Known to help out store owners, retailers, and anyone else looking to make bulk purchases of vintage clothing. They own a very large warehouse with large quantity of items for selection. They also provide the ability to view these items on their website at your leisure. The company also provides appointment scheduling to business owners who like to discuss matters privately. 

·         Vintage Dress Up – This is another wholesale merchant vendor that provides various types of skirts. From the pencil skirt to floral print to the “plain Jane” look. This merchant has quite the variety and more. Not only does this vendor sell clothing, the store also sells jewelry to give customers an adorable retro-look to their entire vintage outfit.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Online Vintage Clothing

Clothes shopping can be a trying task when there is little time to spend. What has given help to consumers in accomplishing this task is web development as more business owners are creating their store fronts online. This gives all consumers with Internet usage the ability to browse a web store and review their favorite clothing line.For example, vintage clothing is now back into being worn again so more store owners are creating online vintage clothing store fronts that give ease to the consumer. The consumer has convenience to visit an online vintage clothing website using a computer or mobile device during their own free time.

What is more helpful than the online vintage clothingwebsite is business owners are now making use of creating their own storefront on E-bay as well and linking that URL directly from their website. This idea of growth has really taken off as consumers just adore the idea. Both online store options creative and very helpful to consumers as the consumer can relax and view everything from their home without interruption of a sales person. 

Online vintage clothing stores can also be a helpful assistant to persons that cannot travel or are unable to drive. In essence, when consumers take advantage of shopping by using anonline vintage clothing website or anonline vintage clothing store it is beneficial to both the consumer and the business owner as everyone obtains exactly what they want. The consumer obtains the product and the business owner obtains the profit.

Check out Firefly Vintage to do some online shopping of vintage clothing at your leisure!

Best vintage clothing NYC

New York City is one of the best vintage clothing locations to find specialty items because there is so much diverse culture and retro-spirited design flowing throughout the city in each specialty vintage clothing storefront.Here is a short list of the best vintage clothing in New York City:

11.      The Quality Mending Co. is a store front located on 15 Prince Street. What gives this store a high mark rating is the quality vintage clothing sold to consumers. The product sold is rare and unique men’s wardrobe pieces from both American and European cultures. A variety of accessories are also available at the store front as well. 

22.      Metropolis is a vintage clothing store front located in the East Village neighborhood near the New York University. Their location is 43 3rd Ave in New York City. This vintage store has a large selectionof shoes, boots, and t-shirtsthat would amaze any collector seeking collectables from decades gone by.

33.   Community 54 is located on the Lower East Side neighborhood. This is quite an interesting store front experience as the customer enters into what seems like an old photo booth but they are actually entering into a blast from the past, pun intended. This store carries a variety of clothing including a mixture of accessories to personalize. The store has also been given a special touch of graffiti décor and arcade games to recapture the moment.

44.    Amarcord Vintage Fashion is a men’s and women’s vintage clothing store of New York City located in the SoHo neighborhood, 252 Lafayette St. This specialty store has a unique collection of clothing that includes items from Chanel, Prada, Gucci, and many others. The vintage clothing items are carefully chosen and reasonably priced for affordability. Consumers will discover more than clothing in the store. Most importantly, the store staff will be right there to assistyou in findingthat hidden treasure.

Monday, 2 June 2014

A vintage clothing fashion shopper plan

Make a plan on what type vintage fashion you are wanting. For example, depending upon the time of year the vintage clothing fabric may or may not be available and it might be something that vintage clothing fashion might be too cool or too warm for the season. So keep the above key points in mind when planning to seek out that special piece of vintage clothing fashion from thatchosen past decade. Another key point is be prepared to spend time trying on articles of clothing before purchase to ensure the item fits perfectly. Clothing should fit loosely to skin as it will ensure future washings can take place without concern of fabric shrinking. 

Most importantly, be patient should your size item not be found right away. It is important to note, just as modern clothing is sewn vintage clothing garments will also have size differences because there would have been differences during those time periods. It will be of help when seeking vintage clothing to consider one size larger than current sizeas a larger size in vintage fashionwill actually wear better in various clothing types.Vintage clothingstyles appear polished and madeforthe body when following the size trick.

What every vintage fashion owner must research is how to clean their product safely. Because each product is not always made with the same material there will be different washing instructions. A helpful website to visit is My Vintage Clothing as it will provide helponcaring for vintage fashion clothing.

Shoppers who seek vintage fashion clothing must check out Firefly Vintage for that specialty item.

Friday, 16 May 2014

What is vintage clothing?

Not a day goes by when consumers are walking through big box store or browsing a mall looking for the next piece of clothing to add onto their wardrobe. There are so many types of clothing it takes time to find the perfect style in the exact size for the perfect occasion. It can actually be a very overwhelming experience to the consumer. What can be more frustrating is to find a beautiful piece of what appears to be vintage clothing only to discover the clothing has been mislabeled. According to, vintage describes clothing from 20 to 100 years old in era of reproduction. This type of clothing has many fashion types throughout each decade.  

What types of vintage clothes are on the consumer market today?

To answer the above question there are many choices to view as vintage clothing comes from items worn in previous decades.  How to find vintage clothes are to begin looking in specialty stores that stock nothing but vintage clothing as there will be a better chance of finding the desired vintage clothing item for purchase.  Vintage Fashion Guild provides helpful purchase information when just beginning to shop for vintage clothing.

 Two specific questions to consider consumers need to consider when shopping for vintage clothes are 1) what type vintage clothing style is most draws the most interest and 2) what specific article of clothing is wanted. During the planning stage, it is wise for a shopper to consider an alternative vintage clothing product the first item should not be available.

 To see more of a fabulous vintage clothing fashion market visit