Monday, 30 June 2014

Where to buy vintage clothing in bulk

It is the responsibility of a business owner to ensure the stock of product is well kept so consumers can obtain what they want and business gain profitability; everyone wins when using that concept. In the business of vintage clothing sales, one may think there is difficulty to maintain a surplus but in actuality store owners can perform this action easily. Listed below are locations of where to buy vintage clothing in bulk:

·         Glass Onion Vintage – Quality vintage clothing warehouse sold to your store in bulk.

·         Bulk Vintage Wholesale – Vintage fashion clothing sold by the “piece or pound”. Category of items to choose from and affordable prices.

·         Raghouse Vintage Clothing – Wholesale clothing of men’s and women’s vintage products.

·         Dust Factory Vintage – Wholesale company that sells vintage clothing for men and women; provides trial membership account for interested persons ;  selling of men’s and women’s vintage clothing in bulk.

·         Vintage Wholesale – This wholesale website provides a variety of choice from men and women’s clothing, shoes, boots, jackets, t-shirts, jewelry, and accessories. The items sold in this store range from 1950’s era up to the 1980’s.

·         LA Vintage – Known to help out store owners, retailers, and anyone else looking to make bulk purchases of vintage clothing. They own a very large warehouse with large quantity of items for selection. They also provide the ability to view these items on their website at your leisure. The company also provides appointment scheduling to business owners who like to discuss matters privately. 

·         Vintage Dress Up – This is another wholesale merchant vendor that provides various types of skirts. From the pencil skirt to floral print to the “plain Jane” look. This merchant has quite the variety and more. Not only does this vendor sell clothing, the store also sells jewelry to give customers an adorable retro-look to their entire vintage outfit.

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