Friday, 11 July 2014

Vintage accessories San Diego

How often are we constantly putting together our daily wardrobe then determine there is a need for that final accessory item that either does not look right with the outfit, isn’t the right color, or we cannot find the correct item at all. There are vintage accessories stores in San Diego awaiting your visit to browse the inventory which they sell. Here is a brief listing of that store list:

·         Frock You Vintage – hand-picked various accessories from jewelry, handbags, and much more
·         American Apparel -  men and women’s choice of eyewear, bags, watches, jewelry, headwear, belts, and much more
·         Kleen House – choices of men and women category accessory necklaces, belts, statues and much more
·         Hunt & Gather – a collection of vintage albums, collector jewelry pieces; quite the selection to look at. The store has items for men although they are rare
·         RadoKri – the vintage fashion accessory store with something for everyone. Special focus in the area of events such as weddings and items (veils, hair clips, etc.) for the wedding party and bride
·         Take 2 Ladies Consignment – a lovely vintage store that not only sells designer vintage accessories they also take these type items on consignment from consumers that are looking to sell them
·         Firefly Vintage – wonderful choices of men and women vintage accessory choices; many items to view and they can be seen from both the website as well as the e-Bay store.

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