Monday, 16 June 2014

Best vintage clothing NYC

New York City is one of the best vintage clothing locations to find specialty items because there is so much diverse culture and retro-spirited design flowing throughout the city in each specialty vintage clothing storefront.Here is a short list of the best vintage clothing in New York City:

11.      The Quality Mending Co. is a store front located on 15 Prince Street. What gives this store a high mark rating is the quality vintage clothing sold to consumers. The product sold is rare and unique men’s wardrobe pieces from both American and European cultures. A variety of accessories are also available at the store front as well. 

22.      Metropolis is a vintage clothing store front located in the East Village neighborhood near the New York University. Their location is 43 3rd Ave in New York City. This vintage store has a large selectionof shoes, boots, and t-shirtsthat would amaze any collector seeking collectables from decades gone by.

33.   Community 54 is located on the Lower East Side neighborhood. This is quite an interesting store front experience as the customer enters into what seems like an old photo booth but they are actually entering into a blast from the past, pun intended. This store carries a variety of clothing including a mixture of accessories to personalize. The store has also been given a special touch of graffiti d├ęcor and arcade games to recapture the moment.

44.    Amarcord Vintage Fashion is a men’s and women’s vintage clothing store of New York City located in the SoHo neighborhood, 252 Lafayette St. This specialty store has a unique collection of clothing that includes items from Chanel, Prada, Gucci, and many others. The vintage clothing items are carefully chosen and reasonably priced for affordability. Consumers will discover more than clothing in the store. Most importantly, the store staff will be right there to assistyou in findingthat hidden treasure.

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